Monday, July 19, 2010


It's been awhile since I've last blogged. Sophia had surgery, the boys had things to do and then Sophia got sick. Basically life caught up with me and kept me busy. Although I'm extremely tired tonight I had to put down my thoughts and feelings so here goes....

The other day I was talking with my sister and she made a comment about how God knew long before I was even thought of that Sophia would be in my life. God had all this planned and set out exactly how he wanted it to go. My older sister, who as a child I thought she was the wisest person I knew, told me what I had heard many times before. Still when she said this it made me think of it in a different light. She said, "God will not give you more than you can handle. He knows how strong you are and he knows you can handle everything with Sophia. He chose you to be her mom." My sister along with the countless others who have said this to me are completely right BUT they've looked past one detail. God, my God, must have Faith in me. He must have faith in me to allow me to care for one of his most special and fragile children. He could have chosen so many others to be her mommy but he chose me. Like the blue prints of a house only God knows the blue prints of my life and by his grace I was given Sophia. There were times during my pregnancy when I was very depressed. I would cry asking God to please help me understand. It wasn't in his plan to give me the answer then but he's given it to me now. Sophia is a blessing. I mean a true hand picked blessing that only a few of us have been so blessed to know. So many parents take the small things with their children for granted. I can be honest and say I took things for granted with my boys. Then Sophia came along and I've learned to appreciate all the small things. What an amazing blessing to be given. To take each moment and live in that moment with your children. To appreciate every smile, every laughter, every tear. To applaud and celebrate every milestone reached and enjoy being able to doctor each and every skinned knee.

If you have the chance make mud pies with your kids. Dance and play in the rain. Be silly and pillow fight. Don't sweat the small stuff but enjoy it.

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